How Formula E Helped Change Motorsport

The all-electric Formula E single-seater series has been a remarkable pioneer since it began in 2014. Its sustainability message has extended across the motorsport industry, leading several series to follow suit in electrifying, while also breaking out beyond the racing world into the vehicles we’ll be able to buy for the road…

Motorsport has undergone considerable change within the past decade. Cars powered purely by petrol-guzzling internal combustion engines are becoming more of a rarity as hybrids and electric power become more commonplace. The world is becoming more aware of the damage that civilised society is doing to the environment, and racing championships are more eager to become part of the solution, rather than the problem.

When Formula E kicked off its first championship season in 2014, it coincided with a growing mainstream appreciation of electric mobility. In the meantime, Formula 1 was coming to the end of its first season with hybrid powertrains, but Formula E offered automakers the scope to be involved in the world’s first all-electric racing championship.

Now, as teams are not only involved in the development of their racing hardware but also squeeze more efficiency and performance out of it via the software it runs on, the series has not only become more relevant to manufacturers, but it has also spawned several electric racing championships.

Furthermore, through the involvement of sponsors and partners, Formula E isn’t simply changing attitudes within motorsport. The reach of its message of sustainability and alternative propulsion systems is transcending the motorsport and automotive sectors and finding use in other industries too.


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