Linkedin: Weill Cornell Medicine’s Post

We are thrilled to announce that Weill Cornell Medicine is expanding its research footprint in New York City by opening a new medical research center scheduled to open in 2026.

“This state-of-the-art new medical research center, only steps from where our doctors see patients, will enable investigators to share ideas and technologies; drive discovery across disciplines; attract and retain the brightest scientific minds; sustain growth in our research funding; and further a sense of community,” said Dean Robert A. Harrington.

We are creating a new medical research center by securing five floors at 1334 York Avenue that will add approximately 200,000 square feet of dedicated research space. This is our largest expansion since the Belfer Research Building opened in 2014.

“This new space will empower our scientists and physicians to discover and develop solutions to some of our greatest health challenges and ensure a brighter future for generations around the world,” said Jessica M. Bibliowicz, chair of the Weill Cornell Medicine Board of Fellows.

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