Move Over, Vine and Instragram and Make Way for Lightt: iPhone Mobile App


Lightt is a new way to create mobile video. You can edit, trim, add special effects and filters, and even add music from iTunes—all in the instant you are shooting the video. Stop recording and the music stops instantaneously and starts up again when you start shooting again. There’s no need for post-production editing.

Just released, Lightt 3.0, allows users to capture, and share travel moments. Synchronize music, and a ton of effects with a touch of your screen or a shake of your phone. Most mobile apps only capture a few seconds, Lightt allows you to record for longer.

With Lightt you can create an ongoing movie. Think of recording a piece of each day of your trip. You can create multiple video timelines, called channels. Another feature that seems pretty cool is you can remix and connect video clips captured by friends.

Chronicle the creative processes like cooking and crafting, or starting your own Reality TV channel. Some Features are:
• Real-time editing like voice over, trim, duplicate and rearrange.
• Instant reverse motion feature.
• Mix and match beautiful filters and cool effects like swirl, halftone, blur, emboss and pinch.
• Ghosting to perfect stop motion videos.
• Anti-shake to improve the look of every video.
• Capture video in either square portrait or full landscape by simply turning your phone.
• Mix together videos shot by different people to create true social video experience.
And if you mess up, simply shake your phone and the last capture disappears.

With Lightt you can capture video moments and connect them into a continuous video timeline, like an ongoing movie, and add your own soundtrack as you record. Lightt is the first to introduce real-time editing and personalization so you can shape your story as you go. Lightt 3.0 is a featured app and is available now, free, in the App Store. While only available for the iPhone, they do have plans to launch for Android soon.