AJC Statement on Impeachment of President Trump

American Jewish Committee (AJC) welcomes today’s House passage of the impeachment resolution and reiterates our unqualified condemnation of the actions of President Donald J. Trump, which, by any measure, run counter to the democratic values we hold dear, and disqualify him from continuing to occupy the highest office in the land.

He has subverted the will of American voters by falsely alleging, without evidence, that the November 2020 election was illegitimate, beset with fraud, and “stolen.” Beyond that, he has incited his followers to commit acts of insurrection which involved an assault on a sacred edifice and which resulted in chaos, injury, and death.

For these reasons, AJC calls upon those public officials charged with responsibility for addressing such conduct to utilize the available and appropriate means at their disposal to hold the President accountable for his conduct – politically, historically, and, if and where appropriate, in the courts.

AJC always has, and always will, promote the strengthening of democratic values, fidelity to constitutional principles, and strict adherence to the rule of law.  No one who swears an oath to uphold the Constitution, and to protect our democracy from enemies foreign or domestic, should escape accountability when that sacred oath is violated.