Macaulay Honors College Letter From The Dean



As we head into the week of Thanksgiving, I would like to express gratitude in today’s letter. Whether you focus on the growing movement to celebrate Indigenous people’s rights or celebrate the official Thanksgiving holiday, it is always appropriate to express thanks.

First, I want to thank all the students who enrich the lives of their classmates by leading with thoughtfulness, imagination, kindness, and strength. I think of the leadership of the Scholars Council, the Macaulay Diversity Initiative, the Club Council, and the many clubs the forge friendships that will last a lifetime. And I’m grateful for all the students who step up, whether they create an event, moderate a panel, perform in art production, or support a hackathon that serves the whole CUNY student body. And I’m grateful for all the students who participate in acts of service, such as tutoring, volunteering in hospitals, and raising money for good causes.

I’m grateful to the Macaulay Foundation board, Macaulay parents, and alumni who are all chipping in to ensure that every Macaulay student receives a laptop and Opportunity Funds.

I’m grateful for faculty who are passionate about teaching and cherish the opportunity to lead seminars and research collaboration with Macaulay students. I’m grateful to the whole Academic Affairs team for their pursuit of excellence in honors course delivery and the creation of special opportunities such as 4+1 bachelors-masters programs and Macaulay-wide intellectual extravaganzas.

I want to thank the Macaulay staff, including the advisors and directors based at each campus, who go to bed and wake up each morning thinking of how to create opportunities and solve problems for Macaulay students. I’m grateful that we have staff members at CUNY central dedicated to ensuring that every Macaulay student finds the right internship, research position, job placement, and access to awards and graduate fellowships.

I am grateful for the Macaulay staff members who focus on all the services students need, from sorting out bureaucratic and fellowship obstacles to troubleshooting and enhancing all our IT needs to support the emotional, social, and academic well-being of Macaulay students. I want to thank the whole team dedicated to raising the funds we need and building a great external reputation for Macaulay. I want to thank the colleagues who keep us safe and maintain the cleanest building in the CUNY system. And thank you to the team that keeps track of our expenses, manages the building, and all the administrative needs of the college. And thank you to the team that supports student activities, builds leadership skills, and tries to always say “yes” when students come up with a great idea that needs just a little bit of support.

I am grateful this year for the resilience and patience the whole community evinces as we face the challenges of COVID-19 and continue to achieve.

Mary C. Pearl


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