NoDropouts program featured in New Orleans Times-Picayune

We work hard to highlight all of the amazing work being done to end the nation’s dropout epidemic, without regard to who is doing it — because we want you to know that, when you come to, you’re getting a fair and unbiased helping of news, research and opinion about how to get more American students to graduation day.

That’s the goal we all share, after all.

As such, we don’t spend much time tooting our own horn, so please forgive us this moment of self-promotion.

If you have a moment, please read today’s story, from Louisiana’s largest and most influential newspaper, The Times-Picayune, about the five newly implemented NoDropouts programs in The Pelican State.

“In 2008, a host of health problems lead Madeline Brewer to drop out of East St. John High School,” writes Picayune reporter Jennifer Boquet. “But after getting back on her feet Brewer, now 20, found life without a high school diploma challenging.”

“‘I needed a diploma,’ she said. ‘I can’t get a job without one.'”

“The spark she needed to go back to school came in December, when she was contacted by an organization called NoDropouts informing her about a new dropout-recovery program in St. John the Baptist Parish schools.”

We’re grateful to Boquet for taking the time to get to know some of our students and share their stories. And if you read her story and want to know more about the students we help alongside more than 55 districts across the United States, please visit us.

Rebekah Richards and Gregg Rosann are co-founders of NoDropouts, which partners with school districts across the United States to turn dropouts into diploma holders. For more information, visit