See Your World in a Totally Different Lightt by

by Steve Hoffman

Lightt is one of those rare applications that changes how you look at the world and your friends. Instead of just browsing tweets and Facebook posts, you actually get to see the people around you in motion. It’s a totally new experience… a blending of photography and video, yet beyond both. What you see with Lightt are frenetic bursts of images interwoven into streams, each of which tells a piece of a story about the lives of your friends.

This is like no other social network you’ve ever experienced. It’s highly visual and constantly in motion. It makes your Facebook feed look static and Twitter look like a jumble of boring text. In fact, my words fail to describe what I experience when using Lightt. It’s closer to remembering a dream than experiencing reality. It’s a blur of images that captures the essence of what’s going on around you, and it just keeps going. You can browse endlessly, and unlike a video, you can stop at any point and examine a single image, or dig deeper, delving into who took the image and tying it together with a location or discussion.

If I sound enthusiastic, it’s because I am. I helped advise the company, and I’ve been holding my tongue for months waiting for the app to launch. Now that it’s finally available in Apple’s App Store, I encourage you to try it out and draw your own opinion.