The American Academy: No Drop Outs

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Ray Kelly, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Academy spoke about what they are doing across the country to help kids graduate high school. Drop out rates are so high across America, and the American Academy can help kids get back on track.

The American Academy is a small but really fast-growing company here in Salt Lake City that is the epicenter of a revolution for serving students who have dropped out of school or are at risk of doing so. They work with students who are parents, who work full-time, who have learning disabilities, who are too sick to go to a traditional school, or who have been the victims of gangs and bullies — and they give them a chance to come back to school in a different way.

The students do the majority of their schoolwork online through a learning management system that they designed specifically for at-risk students. Then they get together with local advocates, one on one and in person, to takes tests. The local advocates also help these students find solutions to problems they’re facing in life that might interfere with their school work — in fact, many of our advocates are social workers.

Visit There are a lot of great stories about our amazing students there. It’s really quite inspirational.