Women’s Hockey Is Seeing A Sponsorship Boom


In the back-and-forth battles over women’s pro hockey, corporate sponsorships have been fundamental. When the Canadian Women’s Hockey League shut down two years ago, its board of directors cited the difficulties in securing sponsors as a factor. So when the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association rose from the CWHL’s ashes as a competitor to the National Women’s Hockey League, it seemed like the limited resources that had so far been available to the sport would continue to be spread thin.

It would have been easy for potential sponsors to wait it out and see how the landscape would evolve on its own. Instead, women’s hockey — especially the NWHL — has seen a boom in sponsors, even while a pandemic has cut playing time short. As the NWHL has kicked off its two-week bubble tournament in Lake Placid, New York, representatives say the league has never been in a better place.

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